Making My life Better

All my life, nothing has been easy.  I know most people struggle at one point or another.All my life, I had known that I was a surprise.  I was not expected which was not a bad thing.  What I do know is that the year I was born, was the year that my mother had half a lung removed.  She did not know she was going to have me and on top of it all, I was born a month early.  I was supposed to be born around my grandfather’s birthday, but I was born 6 days before my grandmother’s birthday. So I was a premmie.  With that, I did have some problems.  To be honest, I was better off than some.  Some have more problems than I did.  The only real problem was that I had cataracts and that was not found out until I was 3 years old.  That was removed of course.  The good part about that though is that I don’t have to worry about getting it when I am older.  One thing that was not caught in time and who knows if it could have been fixed anyways is that I am blind in one of my eyes.  Vision loss may not be the same in everyone.  I have some vision in that know but nothing sustancial.  I do not have full vision in that eye.  That side can only see part of an image.

Technology has come a long way, but if there was something to help me see out of that eye, I do not know if I would.  It would be different if I was a little kid, but I feel that it could do more harm than good.

Simple fact, I am used to the way I am.  What if it causes more harm than good.  I am used to seeing out of one eye and what if my brain can’t adapt to the change?

A lot of times, I have a hard time admiting that I am disabled.  I am really in that middle ground of an area.  I am disable, but I am not. What I do know is that I have to be careful on what I do.

I have always struggled with school, but I do like to learn. I just have a hard time with science and math. To me, education is important. I believe that it could be a path to something better. That is why hopefully in the fall, I will be back in college I may struggle in school but its doable. I have to do what it takes to be successful. I went to college before and I want to finish what I started many years ago. I know I can do it and I will only have two semester and I will have my degree. When I was not that far away, I think it would be best to finish and hopefully I will be able to find a job after that.