Me and Computers

For anyone who does not know me. I love computers and I have always had as long as I could remember. I am not a person that typically buys cheap. I go with the philosophy of you pay for what you pay for. If you buy cheap, you will get something that does not last long. If you buy something expensive, there is a higher chance that it will last longer. I’ve gone back and forth between a couple computers that I am interested in. They each have their pros and Cons. I wanted the alienware area51m, but thinking about it, it may be better not to get this version but wait for the next version if they release it. The reason why I feel this way is that its a new computer and still has some tweaking to work out. Normally, I would go for it but I feel that there is some room for improvement based off the information I found out about it. Sometimes new technology has bugs and problems and they usually fix the problems later on. Right now I am looking at the G7. Its been around for awhile but they keep trying to improve on it.