Activia Scholarship – How will this scholarship award help you?

One of the most important things to me is to finish college.  I have always believed in an education.  Even through there are times that I struggle, I still enjoy learning.  Even though I struggle, it just means I must work extra hard in the areas that I have a hard time with.

I am a returning student.  I was not far from getting my bachelors the first time around.  Its something I have been wanting to finish up for quite some time.  I left school not by choice.  

The last time I was in a University, I had a bad first semester.  As a rule, advisors have your best interest at heart.  They may have had my best interest at heart, but they did not know what I was capable of.  I struggled that semester because I had to many hard classes at the same time.  I know college is supposed to challenge you to a point.  The other issue was that I was not prepared for the University.  Coming from a community college and then going to a University is a shock.  I struggled every semester to keep my grades up.  The last semester, I was not able to keep a 2.0 average between all the classes I took that semester.  It was one grade that caused me to be suspended as I was going back and forth that semester with Cs and Ds.  I just had an instructor that was hard grader.  It was the only school that I had issues with my grades.  All other schools, I did fine.  I usually did higher than a 2.0.

Now that I am older and had this experience, I know what to expect and I know I must look out for myself so that I would never be in this situation again.  I know what I am capable of.

Due to maxing out all the financial Aid I could get, I do need scholarships to help me pay for college.  I am not going to the same University that I had previously gone to.  I did reapply to them and I was accepted, but I thought it may be in my best interest that I go to another University this time so that I have a fresh start in a sense.  But it would not be a fresh start from the classes standpoint as I have classes that transferred in.  I would have to take 30 credit hours to meet their residency requirements.

Since I cannot get financial aid, I must pay for the classes myself.  That means that I must work and go to school.  Because of that, I will be limited as to how many classes I can take at a time. 

Even though the award is not a lot, every penny counts.  It would help a little bit to pay for my classes.  The cost of college is not cheap and anything that can help pay for college would be helpful.  I really do believe I deserve this scholarship.  I have come a long way to this point.

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