Old Mistakes

I have been thinking about this the last couple days at least. As we grow up and even as we go through early adult hood we make mistakes. Do I regret some of my past mistakes? Yes but I also see it as a blessing. If I did not do those mistakes when I was younger, I would be doing those mistakes now. I had to learn from those mistakes. Nobody can tell you not to make those mistakes. What works for one person does not work for another.

The simple fact is, is I am learning who I am now since my mother passed away this past August. I loved my mom, but she did not always teach me the right things growing up. Some of the problems I do have is because of her.

I never had a lot growing up, but I did the best under the circumstances.

I thing I know is that my mother was never good with money. Yeah I know we did not have a lot of money coming in, but still.

I remember when I first got a credit card years ago that my mother told me to just pay the minimum. Even then, I knew that was wrong. I would never get out of debt if I listened to her. At the start I was good but eventually I ran into problems. Right now I do not have any credit cards but I am working toward that again. What I learned when I was younger is what I won’t do this time. I will be the way I was years ago when I was responsible with credit cards. I swore I would never get them again, but now it is my goal as I want to improve my credit score. I fixed the damage my mother caused to my credit so why not go farther and bring it up farther. I still have student loans, but that will come in time.

Nobody knew what it was like living with my mother. She was way over protective and not let me live the life I wanted. I have always wanted more to my life. For one, I do not want to be struggling like she was and I am hoping that after I get a college degree, I will be able to get a better job. At least hopefully be able to open more job opportunities for myself.

What many people do not know is that I always am looking and planning for the future. I like to have plenty of money saved up so if something happens I have money to live on but also I would not be behind and struggling for money. If I could save up enough for many years, I would not have to struggle as much and I could live comfortably.