Selling Online

One thing I am trying to do is try to sell items online. The one thing that if I am going to make a product, it has to be a product that I can use if it does not sell. Right now I have been trying to sell scrunchies without success but something has to give. Something has to make me money but it has to be something I believe in.

I have looked into droppshipping, but I do not want it to be full blown dropshipping. I want to be able to inspect the item before I ship it out and then repackage the item so that it is better package. I just want to make sure its not broken before I send the item out. I would like to be able to add value to the drop shipped items when possible.

If I could get a successful online business and make enough money, I could branch out to have stores that are not online. At least that is my hope.

I am still looking at some ideas on what I can make to sell items so I can make some money online.