In Memory Of Lucky

Ode To Lucky

On August 11th, 2010, I had lost Lucky at the age of 12 to causes that are unknown to me and my family. This is a dedication to him and the life he led and what he meant to me. He was a very special dog.  This post was moved over here from squidoo to this blog as it was not getting any traffic.


Lucky had came into the world on January 18th, 1998 and ironically, he also shared his birthday with my mother. When we brought him home, we knew that he was a mixed breed, but did not know what he was mixed with. As time went by, we realized that he was mixed with Border Collie. His other breed was in fact a spitz as we had seen what his mother looked like, so we knew he was part Spitz. He was a well trained little puppy. He was already trained when we got him and he quickly gained the knick name of cuddles due to his tendency to cuddle up with us. This is something he did to the very end.



More About Lucky

Lucky had a one of a kind personality. He did have many traits of a previous German Shepherd Mix we had, but he also had his own traits that I will miss dearly. The way he begged was very interesting, but this made him one of a kind too. He used to rapidly put his tongue in and outside of his mouth very rapidly to tell us he wanted whatever we had. It was not like licking his choppers or anything like that.

If he knew you were upset, he was the dog that came to you and took care of you. He loved to give out a lot of hugs. A lot of times he thought he was a lapdog.

Some Pictures of Lucky

Lucky And Toys
Below is a picture of one of the type of toys he would play with. He did like the colorful ones and it usually did not take long for him to break his toys. For some reason, he always did loved pulling the toys apart and pulling the squeaker out.

Lucky and Thunderstorms

Lucky had always hated thunderstorms. He always was scared of them and he usually clinged to someone for safety. A lot of times if it was in the middle of the night, he usually work someone up hugging and clinging to that person. Sometimes you used to go under the desk and most of the time, he would be shaking as he was scared of them.

Lucky Being Sick

Lucky as a rule has never been sick. It was exactly a week from the time he was sick to the time he managed to leave this world. We did everything we could to help him. He was throwing up and would not take any food. We even have been back and forth to the vet with him. He acted better that morning and was even eating that morning. By 10pm central time, he was gone.

Its hard to say what made him turn for the worse. It could been a combination of things. We live in the middle of the backyard. We have a neighbor that constantly harasses us. Basically Lucky got yelled at by the neighbor for being outside along with my mother. I just wonder if he got upset with it all and he gave up.

I do have to say that Lucky will be missed. He was my best friend. I will miss him waking everyone up in the morning and the dog that used to tickle me. He knew when I was upset how to make me feel better. I will miss his hugs and cuddling and thinking that he was a lapdog.