Why I don’t use Affiliates?

If you look at a lot of websites these days they are riddled with Ads and affiliate marketing. They are there to make money but at a cost.

As a user of websites those type of things annoy me so I use them sparingly. I can’t say that I do not use them 100%. On this website you see one ad and that is from google. There are sites out there that use shortlinks and they are even the worst of them all because most of them are riddled with ads and redirects. I refuse to use that on my website. So what you get is a mostly clean website. On my other website the only affiliate I am using is for swtor.

Yes I make less money, but its worth it. The other reason is you never know when you are going to lose it. Years ago, I lost my amazon affiliate because there was a amazon tax so amazon’s response to cancel all affiliate accounts in my state. For that reason I rather not use affiliate and if I do, I use it sparingly and it would not be my main source of income.

I like to run a website that looks clean and at least semi organized. I though would like to offer products and services. I want to do something I am interested in obviously. The one thing I have always wanted to do is run a computer company. I want to offer custom built computers but also be able to fix computers as needed. I’d like to offer classes for different computer related subjects.