Let me say this. I know what I want but its frustrating. In one way I am getting my life in order but in another I have not. These days I have a job, but it does not make enough to be able to afford my place on my own. My goal has been to get my own apartment but the problem is I do not make enough money for an apartment. Not even a cheap apartment. Some people say to get a roommate, but I do not want to do that. I want to do this all by myself and not have to worry about roommates. Not everyone can get along with a roommate or a roommate is incompatible with each other. Even if you are friends, you do not always get along as roommates. I rather by on my own.

I do not want to find any place. I do not want to live like my mother struggling paying for the bills. I want to always be a step ahead. I know what I want but I need to plan ahead. I know Chicago may be the best place for me due to not being able to drive. I did the calculations and it could come out even between living in the suburbs vs living in chicago.

Nothing is cheap but something has to give. I am trying what I can to make more money as much as possible.