Frustration Living in the suburbs

Some people may or may not know that I am blind in one eye. I know there are people who have no idea what it is like. If you are not walking in my footsteps, there is no way to understand what its like. You may understand to a point but you will never understand unless you are faced with this issue.

I live in this grey area. I am not blind enough to be legally defined as disabled because I have one good eye, but on the other hand I limited on what I can do because of that blindness.

Because of all of that, it can be frustrating by living in the suburbs. I live in an area that its hard to get around because there practically no public transportation. Because of that, its hard to go places even if I wanted to do so.

I honestly hate having to ask others for help, but that is what I have to do. Job options are limited because of that. Where I live there is only one bus route. There used to two but the second one was taken away. Either case, the bus stop were way to far away to where I could not even walk to them.

I get that money is usually the reason they would discontinue a service, but they are forgetting that they leaving people in the dark when it comes to transportation. Taking public transportation (Bus or Train) is more affordable than taking taxis or uber or Lyft.

I have taken the time to look at things. There are pros and cons. The farther you live away from the city, the cheaper the housing is, but the downside is that it cost more for transportation because there is no public transportation so you have to rely on uber, lyft, taxis or rely on friends to get places you need to go. In the city, housing can be more expensive, but the cost of public transportation is cheaper.

Something has to give. If only public transportation was a thing no matter where you lived, it would not be an issue.