Is the Nightmare Over?

On August 23rd, one of the scariest things could happen, happened.  I found my mother not breathing on the floor.  Only seconds earlier, he was yelling at Cookie to leave her alone.  she did not fall down, but just laid down on her own just like she normally did when she was not feeling well.  My instincts kicked in because usually as soon as she lays down, he settles down.  This time he did not.  I called her and no response.  I had to put him away into his bed and call the ambulance for her and that was within seconds.  I could not turn her so I had to wait for the ambulance.  I tried and even if I could, who knows if that would have made a difference.  She has not regained conciousness and with that I have to make the hardest choice of having to take her off the vent last week.

The thing is, my mother has always been overprotective.  Because of that I have to figure everything out.  The thing is, I have always been different than my mother.  I have always had the belief of planning ahead.