Make Money Online


To sum it up, I have been writing online since 2008.  I will admit that I do not make a whole lot, but I keep trying.  There really is a lot out there.  The thing is, if it feels cheap to me, I won’t do it.

On this page, I am posting a system.  This is the current system that is working.  It may not make a whole lot right now, but it does making money.


Currently, there is three ways I get paid.  They are:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Gift Cards

Now here is the steps to the current system.  Mind you, these are what is currently working and have paid me. I will slowly add new things in as I get paid.  I will say this much, very little of this is writing, but it is a part of this system. You will need facebook, paypal, adsense and an amazon account to do some of these tasks.


This is not on the top of my list anymore. I guess you can say that my tastes have changed and I have moved on a bit. Still I write there. These days its more about editing what I have and if its not doing good and goes unfeatured, it gets removed. If I remove it, depending on what it is, it gets republished here. Sometimes, it will end up being trashed as I do not even feel that its good enough for this website. What I found is by removing those posts, actually helped me. Weird, I know but it does help. It currently pays with paypal. After you have an adsense account, make sure you update it to your profile in the earnings section so that you get paid. There is a reason behind this. You are earning two ways through hubpages, but both require you have an adsense account. One is through adsenses and the other is through hubpages ads program but you have to sign up for it.

Swagbucks is very important. If you are looking for something online, use swagbucks. If you are writing online, use swagbucks. I mostly use it just for the search engine. I usually always make something. Not all searches give points but you do get points as you do your normal searches as you normally do. When Cashing out my points, I always go with amazon gift cards.

This one recently changed so its similar to swagbucks these days.  Do surveys and offers is the way to make money on there.

Bitcoins and Altcoins
I mainly earn this through faucets.