When it comes to any computer I buy, I do not go with cheap computers.  I like getting the most powerful computer I can get.  I have high standards when it comes to computers.  I value quality over quantity.  I know what its like when I have had to sacrifice that because my mother bought me a cheap computer.

I usually want one that is future proof.  Main thing is that I do not want to buy a new computer every couple years.  Yes new tech comes out, but the current computer should be able to handle what you give it for a while.

Having said that,  all my computers have to be gaming computers because I like computer games.  More specifically I play MMOs.   That means I need something powerful.

I know there are two camps of people.  People who believe desktops are the only way to go when it comes to online gaming and people who want to game/video editing (once in a while) on a laptop.  There are pros and cons.  Depending on the laptop, the gap between desktops and laptops is smaller.  Some of the current laptops actually have desktop CPUs and GPUs.  When you put the GPU and CPU factor in, the speed of the memory comes into the factor.  If you are looking into the highest memory speed, desktops still have the advantage.  The highest I have seen in a laptop is 2666mhz.  I think the highest I have seen in a desktop is 3200mhz.

I have narrowed down the laptops I am interested in, but from the spec point of view, they each have their drawbacks.  No matter which computer I get when I can afford it, I want a 17″ screen.

These are the ones:

Dell G7 – The G7 model I want has the i7 processor and a rtx 2070 graphics card.  The display has 144hz, but its not g-sync.   The drawback of this computer is that its not g-sync and only 300nits.

Alienware m17 – The model I want has the i7 processor and rtx 2080 graphics card.  The pro part of this computer is that the display is 400nits, but the drawback is that the display is only 60hz.  I also want to red cover version.

Alienware Area 51m – The version I want is the i9 processor and a rtx 2080 graphics card.  It has a 144hz display with g-sync.  The only downside is that the memory 2400mhz.  The only other thing I do not like is that the drives are raid 0.  I like to get the darkside of the moon version.

As you can tell, these are all good choices with good and bad points.  If I were to get the computers, the order I would buy them would be:

  • Dell G7
  • Alienware Area 51m
  • Alienware m17

The reason I choose this order is because the G7 is cheaper.  Area 51m, would have been my top choice if it was not for price.  I can live with a slightly slower memory.  It has everying I really like in a computer including have a desktop cpu and GPU.  Finally there the m17.  I like the idea of having nits which could be good for editing videos.  I also like to use photoshop from time to time 🙂

If I were able to afford all three, I would be using the area 51m exclusively for the desktop which would always be on my desk.  That would be the main computer I would use everyday.  As for the other two, I would use them while I am out or need to not be at my desk for whatever reason.  When it comes to pvp in games, it would be between the g7 amd the area 51m due to the 144 hz display.  I would have to see which one would be better.  I am also a personal fan of having more than one computer in case one computer is down and is in for repairs, I have backup computers to work with.  If I had all three, I can easily find different uses for each computer 🙂  I would have my games installed on all three of course though :).