The Frustration

The simple fact is I know what I want to a point. I know that its important to me to finish college and its also important to be on my own. I lost my mother over a year ago and its more important to me even more to be on my own. I don’t want to live to long with my Aunt and Uncle to long. I love them, but I do not want to be in the same situation I was with my mom. I have to be able to be on my own, but the downside is that I am not making enough money to do so.

I ask everyone to see if they can help me find scholarships for college. I am not asking you for your opinion on what I should be doing. I know what I need to do. Some of the tips I have seen about finding scholarships is in fact trying to get help from other people on finding scholarships.

I have always had a job and going to school at the same time and that is not going to change any time soon.

I am at a disadvantage when it comes to scholarships I believe. I am not disabled enough to qualify for the ones that require a disability. I am in what I feel is a grey area. I am right in between what is considered disabled and not being disabled. Not everyone understands this all. I am blind in one eye and have always have been. My good eye does all the work.

The one thing that is important is me is making enough money so I can live on my own. Right now that is not possible. That is why its so important to me to finish college so that I can have a chance at getting a better paying job. I am also trying to sell things on the side that I make without success. Sometimes it takes money to make money but I am also doing something I am enjoying and learning to do.

Right now the criteria I have for selling items is items that I could use if the items don’t sell. Its an important critera to me. It won’t feel like I am loosing money if its something I could honestly use.

Right now I make hair scrunchies. They are not perfect, but I try to fix those inperfections as much as possible. As I improve and increase my techniques and equipment, those flaws may get less noticable or not noticable at all. Still, the product is good. They are cheaper than what it would cost to buy them at a store typically. The reason why I started making them is that it seemed the quality of the scrunchies was not that good. That is based off of the materials they were using. It did not seem like the fabric was very good. Right now, I am using cotton but as I find other materials I like, that would be changing. I would be using what I currently use in addition to the new materials I like.

I know these are low priced items, but I do have another set of item ideas I like to do, but I need a better sewing machine. The one I currently have is a mini one so it does not do the work I really need it to do. Its a good starter to learn to sew but not something good for long term. I basically need to serger and sewing machine. I already have been looking for them and I already figured out what I want.

If I can get this upcoming project to be a reality, I will be using the same type of materials that I use for the scrunchies.

Nothing is a guarantee, but my hope is to make money off of making these type of things. I am sure over time and as I learn better techniques, the quality of the products I make will improve. Having better equipment helps but it only goes so far. I have to keep learning and improving.

If I can make money doing this, this would help me make a living and I would be doing something I love.